In order to protect the integrity of our peer-review process, this journal fully enforces the following submission and withdrawal policies:

  • We will not tolerate frivolous requests for withdrawal after manuscripts have undergone peer-review, or even galley production, etc. 
  • Authors have 15 days to withdraw their manuscript after submission;
  • After 15 days, our editorial review commences and a manuscript cannot be withdrawn;
  • We reserve the right to request authors to pay submission fee of no less than US $50 (subject to change depending on the length of the article) if a request for withdrawal is approved 15 days post-submission. This fee will be applied towards Article Processing Charges (APC) should the manuscript be accepted. If the manuscript is rejected, the authors will receive full refund less cost of transactions;
  • We have a zero tolerance for double-submissions where an author submits the same manuscript to more than one journal at a time. This abhorrent unethical behavior tarnishes the image of academic publishing and wastes peer-reviewers’ time. If you engage in this unethical behavior with us, we reserve the right to publish your name on our website and distribute it among our affiliate journals, organizations, and multiple websites. Please think before you double-submit!
  • For questions, please emai the Editor-in-Chief at
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